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greece greek islands cyclades  kithinos kithnosMerichas is Kythnos' main port, and offers the most convenience and has a beach close by. The harbor is in a tree-lined bay where some tavernas are found. The locals encourage and feed a raft of ducks living along the sandy beach.

Merichas has fairly typical but laid-back fishing harbor. Fishermen sell the day's catch in the mornings near the ferry dock and yacht berths.

It is busiest just after a major delivery by ferry boat when you may see drays and forklifts delivering foodstuffs and bottled liquids to its tavernas and shops.

The main church is Panagia Flambouriani. The small islet of Agios Loucas is connected by a narrow strip of land.

greece greek islands cyclades  kithinos kithnosA short walk up the harbor steps leads to the nicer beach of Martinaki with rooms to let and some good taverns. This nice beach is popular with families.

Merichas bars hold the only promise of nightlife to be found on the island.


Just north of Martinaki are the unexcavated ruins of Hellenistic period Vryokastro. Famed for proving impregnable to attack in 198 BC, Vryokastro survived when the rest of island was pillaged.

Below Vryokastro lie the pretty  white beaches of Apokrousi and Episkopi. These are two of the islands loveliest beaches, although a bit further along and you find the nicest beach of the island, Kolona. It's an easy walk or reachable by caique or water-taxi.

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