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Dryopida and Kanala

greece greek islands cyclades  kithinos kithnosFrom Merichas another road leads up to Dryopida, the only other real village on the island. Dryopida was once the island capital. Its snow white houses are built on either side of a dry river bed. Its Katafiki Cave was used by islanders in times of attack. The cave is at the southern edge of the village. It has many decorative stalagmites and stalactites.

Dryopida is nestled on the sides of a small ravine. Its red-tiled roofs look Spanish or Italian. It's divided into two area– agrarian Pera Rouga by the river valley and Galatas the upper village, where there are crazily paved streets and almost no cafes. Galatas was once a great ceramics center, now only one pottery remains belonging to the Milas family, still in business after five generations.

greece greek islands cyclades  kithinos kithnosFrom Dryopida the bus continues to Kanala a popular summer area overlooking the sea with many villas and a grouping of sheltered coves with some small sandy beaches. The church dedicated to the island's patroness, Panagia Kanala, is located here. There's a venerated icon in the church, supposedly painted by St. Luke, but probably painted by one of the Skordilis family. The icon was reputed to have been found in a canal, hence the Virgin Kanala appellation. The church is surrounded by shaded picnic grounds, which fill up with pilgrims on her feast days, Aug. 15 and Sept. 8.

From Kanala, a rough path leads down to Flamboura beach on the west coast.

Drinking and Dining

There are good eateries in Kythnos, some are within the hotels. Merichas has several good spots. There are fewer choices in Dryopida, Loutra, and Kanala but you can find food in every village.


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