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Villages of central Milos

greece greek islands cyclades milosmilos mapThe Adamas bus crosses Milos to Zefyria, the island's capital from 800 to 1793, when it was abandoned and everyone moved to Plaka. Its a very still place today with decaying old buildings and olive trees.

The paved road continues to popular and busy Paleochori Beach. Further along is quieter Aghia Kyriaki with rooms and tavernas. Komia to the east has some ruined churches of the Byzantine period and close by at Demenayaki are obsidian mines.

The north coast–Phylakopi and Pollonia Port

greece greek islands cyclades milosgreece greek islands cyclades milosThe road from Adamas leads across the islands NW section and as it approaches the coast, a fork descends to bathing spot Sarakiniko. There you find huge rounded rocks and pointed peaks whipped by the wind into giant petrified drifts. There's a tiny beach and an inlet. To the east, the fishing villages of Pachaina and Aghios Konstandinos have more interesting rock formations. From there, it's a short walk away are the three Papafrangas Caves with pristine azure waters enclosed by white cliffs. There's a mini fiord here, once used by pirates as a hiding place.

Ancient Phylakope lies just beyond Papafrangas and was in its heyday one of the greater centers of Cycladic civilization. It was excavated by the British School of Archeology in 1860 and yielded 3 layers of habitation early Cycladic (3,500 BC), Middle (1600 BC) and late Cycladic - Mycenaean. Finds show Melos traded obsidian far and wide. Tablets were found linking the culture to the Minoan. The site declined with the advent of metals and their replacement of obsidian as tools and weapons.

The last stop pf the Adamas bus is Pollonia, the old town of Apollo. It's a small but popular resort with tavernas, a shaded beach and local fishing boats. You can take a diving class here. Near Polllonia are the Glaronisia, symmetrical hexagonal columns of basalt standing in the water. You can sail between the columns in a caique.

On the Pelekouda Cape you can wind surf, and there are holiday amenities. To the south is Voudia beach and more mine views.

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