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Kalymnos' Beaches

greece greek islands kalymnos telendosgreece greek islands kalymnos 

telendosSee the map of the island beaches in the Map section below. On the west coast, starting from Pothia, (with its own strip of sand), ascend to Hora and down the road to Kalymnos' western shore. A string of beaches begins here starting with Kantouni, Panormos and Elies.

Linaria follows and then Plati Gialos and Melitzahas. The heart of tourism lies at Myrtie. The sunset over the islet of Telendos from Myrties is one of Kalymnos' most famous sights.

Myrties metamorphizes into Massouri with its ugly, neon-lit roadway. Finally, near the end, you approach Armeos.

greece greek islands kalymnos telendosKeep following the scenic west coast road to Emborio, the northern most of Kalymnos' villages is a small fishing village with a small pebble beach and a few tavernas and rooms to let.

Nearby is the Cave of Kolonostilo (or Cyclops Cave), a spelunker's dream. There has been damage to the stalactities and structures in the cave, but it's still amazing.

Neolithic ruins and a sacrificial alter were discovered near the ruined Venetian Castle close by. The road along the coast affords majestic views!

Telendos Islet

Just opposite (700m) Myrties, the isle of Telendos offers nude bathing and wonderful sunsets.

greece greek islands kalymnos telendosTelendos is reachable by water-taxi from Myrties, which may be reached from Pothia by bus every half hour.

Telendos broke off from Kalymnos in an earthquake during the 6th Century AD.

It has several small pebble beaches of which Choklaka (Hohlakas) is the most popular.

There is a small village/harbor with tavernas and a few rooms to let. High above the beaches stands the Byzantine Monastery of Aghios Konstandinos while below may be found the ruins of Roman houses. A good palce to beat the hordes.

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