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North Western Corfu

Skripero and Ano Korakiana: Pleasant villages with charming alleys and views. Ano Korakiana has over 30 churches and traditional mountain archetecture.

Sidari: Very touristic and crowded, but lovely. This is the canal of love, where legend has it that if two lovers swim through the passage together they will remain united for life. Unusual geological rock formations and a brown sand beach. Further down the rough dirt road is the village of Peroulades with a secluded lovely beach and wierd rock formations reminscent of the southwestern US.

Peroulades to Angelokastro: From Peroulades continue to the traditional villages of Kavadades, Rahtades, Daphne, Aspiotades and Kastellanous and see real Corfiot villages without mass tourism. Roads could be better!

Angelokastro: This Byzantine Fort is perched 300 m high on a sheer cliff and could hold up to 4,000 islanders in times of invasion. It withstood incursions by the Geonese in 1403, Saracens and even Sueliman the Magnificent in 1537. It was abandoned by the British after their protectorate was established and today is home to birds. Its vantage point allowed signalling other island forts in sucession around the island.

A paved road leads from Angelokasro to aptly named Bella Vista with its cafes and breathtaking view. From there one descends to Lakones through olive orchards, small streams and more vistas.

Paleokastritsa: World Famous Resort. The Islands second most popular tourist venue after Corfu Town is somewhat spoiled by construction. The landscape is wonderfull with green slopes descending to the sea, with the Monastary-Fortress of The Virgin of Palaeokastros at its summit. Held to be the site of the ancient Palace of Alkinoos. Saving graces: a boat trip to nearby grottoes-lagoons and quieter, less accessable beaches (Liapades is best).

The Monastary holds Byzantine icons of the Cretan school, a 7,000 BC stone axe, a 12th Century parchment manuscrpt Bible and the 'bones of a sea monster' washed ashore.

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