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The Campiello Quarter

Between The Esplanade and the Old Port, or just North of the Historic Quarter in the map below, you will find worthy architecture of note. These include The Orthodox Cathedral (1576), with its golden icons and dedicated to St. Theodora Augusta, Empress of Byzantium (829-843) who allowed the restoration of icon worship after the destruction of many art works, both contemporary and ancient, due to the zeal of the iconoclasts. Her remains are buried next to Saint Spyridon in St. Spyridon Church along with President Capoditrias' sister who was a nun.

The Solomos Museum, (9 am - 1 pm) off Arseniou St. with a collection associated with the great poet of Zakynthos, Dionysios Solomos.

The Byzantine Museum, (9 am - 3 pm) essentially an Ionian style church with many wonderful icons of the Cretan school, wall murals and elaborately painted ceilings.


Just north of the Old Prison in map below. A bit south of modern Corfu Town and contiguous with it lies the Garitsa Quarter. Here is the Archeological Museum (closed Mondays, hours 8:30 am to 3 pm, admission fee). Major exhibits being the restored Gorgon Pediment (585 BC). Many Roman copies of Greek originals, Cycladic sculptures and the Lion of Menicrates as well as prehistoric finds from Sidari, Ermonies and Aphiona.

Villa of Mon Repo in Garitsas

corfu mon repoBuilt for Sir Fredrick Adam in 1824 and birthplace of Prince Phillip Duke, of Edinburgh,1921.

Nearby are the remains of the ancient lower city and the Monastery of Aghio Theodoroi as well as vestiges of the Temple of Artemis.

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