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The Basics

Quick Facts: Kefallonia
Pronunciation Keff-a-lon-nia
Alternate Spellings Kefalonia, Cephallonia, Kefallonia
Transportation Air, ferry
Main Attractions Beaches, Mount Ainos National Park, Melisani Cave-Lake
Food Many excellent choices
Accommodations Many excellent choices

greece greek islands ionian kefalloniaKeffalonia Page 1

Largest of the Ionian Islands, Kefallonia has a land mass of 728 sq.km and 254 km of coastline. Its population is over 32,000. It is 56 nautical miles from Patras. Its Capital is Argostoli, and its main port, Sami. The highest point is Mt Enos (1627m).

This is a large island and its easy to escape the tourists but it fills up in summer! Its biggest drawbacks are long distances between places of merit over tortuous mountain roads and the unfortunate cement architecture from the devastation of the 1953 earthquake.

Island Features

Kefallonia is a beautiful, rugged and mountainous island with many diverse geological elements–subterranean caves, sandy beaches, unique fir forests.

mediterranean monk seal greece greek islands ionian kefalloniaIt also plays host to loggerhead turtles and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, one of the 6 rarest animals in the world. Kefallonia has a unique breed of horses. Additionally the island has many species of wild flowers and spice and produces wonderful wines. The island is especially known for its Robola grape, which produces a lemony dry white wine. New wineries on the island are creating very good Greek wines.

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