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canalThe fishing village of Avlemonas is a good place to eat. There you can see the "ruins" of Helen's throne, Mycenaean blood sacrifice sites and a Venetian fortress. The nearby beach at Kaladi is very fine and often used as an example of a beautiful beach on tourist posters advertising Greece travel.

To the north is Diakofti, which is near the airport. This is also an important island port. There a white sand beach.

Mitata, in the center of Kythira is a good picnic spot with verdant countryside, lemon trees and a spring. There's thyme honey available here.

On the north end of the island is Palio Chora, set high in the rocks and hidden by a great gorge. The Byzantine town built there is deserted now, but the ruins and the gorge are worth a visit. The gorge beside it has inspired most of the island's legends and ghost stories.

The largest village in the north is Potamos. Visit on Sunday to enjoy the market. There's a beach just west at Ag. Eleftherios.

A Turkish tower stands at Gerakari. Continue to the village of Karavas and the fine beach at Platia Ammos. The norhern port of Ag. Pelagia is nearby, where you will fine another nice pebble beach.

Drinking and Dining

Greece Travel Greek Island of KythiraMost towns and villages have several choices for decent places to eat.


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The goddess of love, Aphrodite, rose out of the foam on her scallop shell at Kythira. An ancient sanctuary to Aphrodite on Kythira was considered the most sacred of all such temples in Greece. Unfortunately, almost none of it remains today.

Kythira's first settlers, the Phoenicians, called Aphrodite Astarte. The ancient Phoenician name for the island was Porphyrousa.

Because this was the isle of the goddess of love, Kythira became a major destination and trading center. This lead to raids, battles, conquests and other turbluence. In recorded history, Kythira has been invaded 80 times.

Hints from Harry

Even though the mountain roads are a bit exciting, a car is the best way to get around the island. See more photos of Kythira I | Kythira Photos II

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • Ferries depart from the Peleponesian ports of Neapolis, 1 hr. and Gythios, 3 hrs,
  • There are three flights a day from Athens in season
  • No buses on the island, but there are taxis, cars and mopeds.
Island Resources
  • Tel. code:0735

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