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Offshore Islands

Meganisi is a rural island with a port at Vathy. There are chapels on each side of the port and several tavernas. It's believed to be the island of Taphos mentioned in the Odyssey. The people there still engage in traditional pursuits like seafaring, embroidery making and lace making. Excursion boats from Nydri go the Papanikolaos Grotto. This large grotto is named after a Greek resistance submariner who used to dart out of it to attack Italian ships.

As mentioned above, sailing through the enchanting isles off Nydri is very popular. These wooded islets are privately owned. The islets include Sparti, Mandouri, Skorpidi, Skorpios and to the south of Maganisi, Arkoudi.

Drinking and Dining

There are good places to eat in most of the towns and villages on the island. Be sure to try the lentils.


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Turbulance has marked Lefkada's history. It was in the domain of the Corinthians from 640 BC until the British left in 1864. There have been repeated earthquakes, with the one in 1953 being especially destructive.

The island was named for the whiteness of its cliffs. Leukos means white.

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