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The old section of this village has some lovely Venetian and neoclassical houses, a very good bakery, with the best bougatsa (pastry) on the island , a small taverna under a tree, a fine gift store with handicrafts, jewelry, pottery, CDs and the like, a wonderful ceramic store belonging to a German couple whose work has been shown in the famous Benaki museum in Athens (their motifs classic olive relief decorations done by the wife, and fanciful fishes hand painted by the husband, each piece entirely unique).

On a little street parallel to this one is an old fashioned little general store with everything from sacks of grain and rice, produce, canned products, local cheeses and eggs, to a wonderful jumble of cups, brooms, lanterns, and just about any old household items, hanging from the ceiling as well as stacked on shelves. Next to it is a very elegant new café with tables outside and across the little lane in the yard of an old village house.

Then there's the fine old Vallindhras distillery, where the same family has been producing kitron and ouzo for generations, the shop and tasting room in an old house with bumpy wooden floors; the distillery in back, off of a lovely old courtyard, the workings of the copper stills explained to those who ask.. A framed poster in the little courtyard gives details on the history of kitron and its production (in English). There is also a Vallindras store on the paralia in Hora.


This largest Naxos village on Naxos, situated below Mt Zas, has cafes and tavernas along its long main street, one of the cafes shaded by a classic plane tree, gets crowded in summer, Down a side street from there is a good local bakery; there are many rooms to rent here. When seen from a distance, looks as if it has two white wings, or two sections that spread up the hillsides. Beyond the village on the main road, a side road climbs up to a lovely flat area with springs that pour out of stone spouts, and the Cave of Zas.

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