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Two superlative pirgi (towers) are found in this marble paved village , along with the very old kafenio (café) of Stamatoyiannis, textiles sold by local women (for which the village is known), small Cycladic and folklore museum, and some very wonderful traditional architecture. The mountain drive to the village is beautiful, as is the long drive (though torturous) down to the 'beach annexe' of Moutsouna, far below.

Keramoti and Koronos

Also a fine drive is the road between Apeiranthos and Koronos, the newly paved road along the side of a mountain with great views of sea and other islands to the east; on the way one passes another twisty road down to the small village of Keramoti, which sits on a little spit of land at the base of steep low mountains. Koronos is also beautiful situated, built on two facing mountain slopes, with distant views of the sea, a town which had 3000 inhabitants before WWII and now has about 500. Its beautiful church courtyard with a tree in the center, labyrinthine steps and arches, and its multileveled platia (square) with a couple of tavernas, make for a very pleasant excursion. Terraced vineyards , orchards, and gardens surround the village.

Skado, Komiaki, Apollonas

The first village, across from Koronos, boasts a lovely red tiled church; Komiaki (on some maps called Koronida), is Naxos highest village, and home to kitron; both the ride here from Koronos, and the ride down to Apollonas are full of wonderful high views of mountain, both green and bare rock, and sea. Apollonas was once a little fishing village, but is now sadly, all paved over and the houses built in modern style..whitewashed concrete.There's a 33 foot long 6th century BC kouros here, one of three on the island (the others near Melanes and Potamia). A kouros is a large freestanding statue, these were all unfinished.

Other villages

Moni, above Filoti, is a hill village with some of the best views on Naxos of mountains below it; the walk from it to Halki, via the pretty village of Kaloxilos is one of theisland's finest. Kinidharos is yet another mountain village that offers a wonderful , though arduous walk, down to the valley of Halandra, with its boulder strewn stream fed by springs, and its 18th church of Ayios Artemios, which looks much older. The villages of Engares and Potamia both have all year streams and are very green; both fine walking country.

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