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poros to galatasSlow ferries from Piraeus to Poros take about 2 ½ hours, with at least five a day in summer; hydrofoils take an hour, with about 7 running daily. Of the six Saronic Gulf islands, Poros gets the most package tourist trade of them all, though one can still find a room in its main town that isn't so expensive. The main harbor town of Poros are white with red tiled roofs, and rise up above the water on the steep slopes, a lovely town with cafes on the waterfront and fisherman selling their catch from their boats.

There are some nice churches and little squares, and an archaeological museum. A bridge across a man-made canal separates the little landmass on which it sits (Sferia), from the much larger Kalavria, where most of the big hotels are found not far from the bridge, but pine trees cover most of the rest, with an olive grove here and there, and a flat plain or two. Sights include a monastery with some good icons and a gilt iconostasis, a Temple of Poseidon (with little left of it). The best beaches are in found in small inlets. One can take a boat over to Galatas, on the Argolid coast of the Peloponisos (Peloponnese) in five minutes, with good bus access to Epidavros and Nafplio.

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