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spetsesLike Hydra, Spetses was a big ship building island and boasts elegant mansions built with shipping fortunes.

Unlike Hydra, cars are not banned from the island, but if brought on from outside, cannot be driven in the main town.

Despite noisy bikes, trucks and taxis, however, Spetses in quieter than the other Argo-Saronic islands, and with less package tourism than any of them, and it'a an excellent island for walking, biking and swimming.



octopi dryingThe port and capital ( also called Spetses), is quite spread out, with several distinct neighborhoods. The main harbor and square are called Dapia, the square with some lovely white and black pebble mosaics.

In this district is the Bouboulina museum, honoring the famous lady admiral, Laskarina Bouboulina, who scored many victories during the War of Independence, the Spetses museum, housed in an old mansion, one of its exhibits the bones of Laskarina Bouboulina, and another the 'Freedom or Death' flag raised in 1821.

The Old Harbor district is 1 ½ km to the east, and one of the town's most interesting places. Everything from fishing boats to yachts and cruise boats are found there, along with kaikia (caiques), and behind the harbor are some houses. At Baltzia inlet, beyond the Old Harbor, kaikia are still being built traditionally. East of Dapia, good tavernas with reasonable prices can be found at Platia Aghiou Mamou and at Platia Limenarhiou, both of them east of Dapia.

bloomimgA loop road encircles the coast of Spetses except in its western part, which is perfect for bicycle, motorbike or scooter, with a total distance of 25 km (15.5 miles). From about the center of the island down to the western coast includes the part of the forest untouched by the serious fires of 1990 and 2000, with some little wooded coves.

The bay of Aghia Anarghyri on the west coast is very lovely, with a sandy beach, trees, two tavernas, bars, and Bekeris' cave nearbly, to which one can swim or walk.

The place is popular with water skiers (pulled by motorboats), so best go early or late in the day for greater quiet. A little to the north is Aghia Paraskevi cove, which is among the prettiest on the island, with a beach café and summer watersports.

Zogeria, to the northwest, is also a nice cove, with a small beach, and a summer taverna. Up on the northwest coast is Vrellos or Vrellou (often called Paradise), near a wooded valley; Ligoneri , farther to the east on the north coast, has a taverna amid pine trees, with a beach below. On the east coast, Aghia Marina beach is a 20 minute walk from the main town , and has a good restaurant.

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