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Rafting the Evinos River Central Greece

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Description 2 hours / Total: 4 hours

trip advisorPeriod of operation: Through out the year
Price: 50€/ e- mail for current price
Duration: Activity: 2 hours / Total: 4 hours
Minimum attendance: 6 participants
Level requirements: Basic Physical Condition, Age 12 years and above


raftingA beautiful, 2nd degree of difficulty descent in Nafpaktia that starts at the bridge of Poros and ends in the Bania bridge. An enjoyable rafting trip filled with laughter and action. During the rafting we will see the passages where the women of the "free besieged" fled from the Turks. Shortly before the end we will pass through the artificial Olympic kayak venue.

Price Includes

Local transfer (from the TH base to the starting point)
• Professional guides
• All necessary equipment (Neopren suit and shocks, helmet, life jacket)
• Light snack

rafting paddlingWhat to bring

A second pair of shoes that will get wet
• Swimming suit
• Towel