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Arcadia MapIf one takes the modern "super" highway from Athens all the way to the end they will arrive in Tripoli. Its one of the best roads in Greece too and only 2 to 3 hrs drive from Athens.

Its a good place to center ones self in the Peloponnese but not to stay in any longer than possible.

Looking a bit like old Mexico in these pictures below, the town certainly isnt bad and its quiet pace is quite refreshing - still, it lacks the charm and history to be found in seaside Nuafplion(1hr) or Monemvasia (4 hrs).

Tripoli is a less expensive town because it is not a toursit destination.Tri-poli, (which means 'three cities') is the capital of the prefecture/province of Arkadia and at the center of the road network of the Peloponnese. It is situated on a high limestone plateau at an altitude of 663meters/2175feet and surrounded by barren mountains of 2000meters/6560feet, the plain was formed by erosion.

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