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Ancient Troezen/Trizina/Dhamala was the ancient capital of the small, fertile territory of Troezenia.

In legend it was the birthplace of Theseus; the place where Poseidon startled his son Hippolytos' horses who then dragged the latter to his death; the place where Orestes was purified after his matricide.

When the Persians occupied Athens in 480BC, the people here offered hospitality to the Athenians.

The famous stele of Themistoklis was found here, which detailed his evacuation plans. The city was captured by the Athenians in 457-446BC.

During the Peloponnesian War the Troezenians sided with Sparta. The Third Greek National Assembly was held here in 1827, at which Kapodistrias, the Corfiot foreign minister of Russia, was elected President of Greece, and the Constitution of Troezen though soon put into abeyance, was published here, this being the third constitution drawn up during the 1820s.

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