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Easy Greek Phonetic Phrases Page 2

Handy to Know

I love you Sa-aga-po
I hate you Se mi-so
I want you Se the-lo
I don't want you anymore Den se thelo pia
Kiss Me fee-li se me
I don't want to Den the-lo
Condoms pro-fi-lac-ti-ka or Slang: Ka-po-tes
I want a doctor The-lo ena Yi-a-tro
I am sick Ee-me ar-o-stos
I have a temperature E-ho Peer-e-to
Where is the pharmacy? Pou eine to phar-ma kio
Aspirin As-pee-ree-nee
tampax tam-pax
super ee-pear (like hyper)
regular ka-non-iko
soap sa-poon-ni
make up ma-quilliage
I don't have that much Den e-ho to-sso po-la
I only have this much E-ho mono tossa
I am a student e-me fi-ti-tees
Can you make me a better price please? Bo-ree-te na mou ka-ne-te kali-teri timi
What time is it? Ti hora eine;

The 1st phrase I ever learned in Greek came in very handy and still does:

Bo-ro na e-ho le-gho Nero, Pa-ra-ka-lo; May I have a little water please? nero being H2O.

How much is the ticket to?: Po-so ee-ne to E-ci-ti-ree-o yia _____;

You'll incessantly hear Greek men saying" Ade re Malaka" to each other, come on you jerk. It's their variation of people in the US saying " like" ten times in a sentence.

Devil take you: Na se pa-ri o Dia-vel-os

One of my favorites and probably a carry over from ancient times. The horned ones (whose spouse has been unfaithful): Tous Kera-ta des

The horned one: Ton ke-re-ta

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